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For the safety and convenience of our residents and businesses, the Kenilworth Police Department offers several programs that you, as a resident or business, may take advantage of. 


Homes vacant for longer than a 24-hour period may be put on
this watch. This special watch is mostly used by residents going on vacation
or for someone moving in or out, but can be done under other circumstances
also. Officers will periodically walk around the home or business checking for
open doors, windows or any problems.

Special Attention:
Homes vacant for less than 24 hours or homes that are occupied and in need of a
special awareness may be put on this type of watch.  This watch is often used when
a family has a wedding or funeral, suspicious phone calls, domestic troubles and
many other extraordinary circumstances. Officers on patrol will keep an extra watch
on the home.

House Key File:
The Kenilworth Police Department maintains a spare key file.
Any resident or business owner may keep their key on file with us. The key can
only be released to your immediate family. We are very careful to insure that only
those people who have proper identification can sign out the key. A resident may
also pre-approve the release to certain individuals.

Home Security Inspection:
This service provides for an experienced officer to meet
with individual residents in their home and review the home’s security conditions. After
going through the home together, the resident and officer may discuss sensitive
conditions and why those conditions may jeopardize the security of the home. Although
we do not make specific brand recommendations, the officer will discus different types
of alarms, locks, windows and lighting systems which could be utilized. 

Senior Citizen Alert Program:
The Kenilworth Police Department is cognizant of it’s
obligation to the community’s senior citizens. It endorses and participates in a program
which affords those concerned seniors a means to ensure their well-being and special
needs. In this program the senior citizen contacts the Police Department by telephone
on a daily basis. If a senior citizen fails to contact our department, we will check on the
well-being of the citizen.

Burglar and Fire Alarms:
The Kenilworth Police Department works with residents
and businesses to ensure their safety and well being. Residents and business owners
have the option of installing an alarm system that may include a burglar alarm, fire alarm
or a combination of both. Burglar and fire alarms require an alarm permit. For more information, contact Lieutenant Brunell.

Child Safety Seat Program: 
The Kenilworth Police Department is dedicated to protecting the child passengers on our roads, and provides a free Child Safety Seat Inspection/Installation Program that is available to residents. Officer Holger Bucks, Communications Officer Carol Kennedy-Edelstein, Communications Officer Thomas Pozniak and Community Service Officer Robert Maxwell are certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as Child Seat Technicians. Improperly 
installed child safety seats do not fully protect children from injuries and/or deaths in crashes or in sudden emergency maneuvers.

Inspections/Installations are by appointment only.  Residents are invited to call either employee at 847-251-2141 to schedule a child safety seat inspection/installation.




For more information about any of the services offered by the Kenilworth Police Department, please contact Lieutenant Brunell at 847-251-2141


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