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Village Policy

Wild animals are considered to be indigenous to our area and generally beyond the responsibility of the Village animal control program. However, the Kenilworth Police Department will provide assistance on those occasions when wild animals enter the living space of a residence and pose a threat to persons.

Wild animals in eaves, walls, under decks, in garages, etc. are not considered to be a threat and, according to Village policy, cannot be handled by the police. When their presence in these areas poses a problem, members of the police department will gladly provide information and suggestions for relocating them but it is the homeowners' responsibility to deal with the animals or contract with a private pest control company.

Coyotes and Fox

During the past few months, the police department has received a number of complaints from residents about coyotes and fox in their neighborhoods.  Many wild animals, including the coyote and fox, adapt very well to urbanization and can co-exist with humans.  Some residents have expressed concern about these animals attacking pets and children.  Attacks by coyotes on humans are extremely rare and attacks on humans by fox are non-existent.  In fact, both animals are very skittish and tend to shy away from direct contact with humans.

The question has also been asked as to why the police department will not capture and remove these animals.  The Kenilworth Police Department does not trap or remove wild animals because it requires licensing and specialized training.  Coyote and fox are protected species and as such, must be trapped by agencies licensed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, trapping is not necessarily a remedy to the situation.

If you observe any wild animal that appears to be sick or presents a danger to the public, please call 9-1-1 immediately.  There are agencies that will trap and remove coyotes and fox if they are sick, injured or present a danger to the public, but it is at the property owner's expense.


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