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"The members of the Kenilworth Police Department and its officers and employees do hereby state their adamant opposition to the use of any discriminatory enforcement actions.  We do not encourage, tolerate nor condone the use of any discriminatory enforcement actions.  This department and its employees are committed to the use of sound police strategies and pledge to maintain the public trust and confidence as they carry out their law enforcement duties with the highest degree of professional demeanor"



To comply with a new Illinois law that went into effect on January 1, 2004 , the Kenilworth Police Department began collecting and reporting traffic stop data to the Illinois Department of Transportation.  Police agencies statewide are required to report approximately 22 different types of data including, the gender and race of any driver stopped for a traffic violation, the violation committed, whether the stop results in a traffic citation or a written warning, etc.  Verbal warnings will no longer be utilized.


The collected data will be used in a study that will be reported in March of years 2004 through 2007 with the study to be completed by 2008.  This will be compared against residential populations or roadway populations in each municipality to determine the presence of disparities occurring in traffic stops that may be indicative of racial profiling within a particular jurisdiction.


Some Kenilworth police vehicles are equipped with video cameras which will help to validate the accuracy of the data collected by Village police officers.  Motorists should not experience or note anything different during the course of a traffic stop.  However, due to the additional data that the officers will be required to obtain, the average duration of traffic stops may increase.  We regret any additional inconvenience this may cause Village motorists.


2004 Traffic Stop Data Collection Report

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Spanish Version


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